Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hunting with Dad

This year for opening weekend of deer hunting season, Matt and Samuel headed up into the woods. Neither one could have been more excited! Not a single deer was spotted, but everyone had fun. My favorite of all the stories had to have been the two of them napping outside of the camper in the warm afternoon sun. Sam also learned a lot about tracking and calling deer, and had an all-around bounding experience with his dad. This will certainly be a tradition that will become more serious in years to come.

The first picture is of Sam gathering wood for the fire and the other one, he is on the phone with his doting mother.

Grocery Getter

I love this picture! We recently harvested the last of the garden and Sam decided we needed to use the Jeep, it did work nicely. Though I had planted a little late, we had a pretty good run this year. Most successful, by far, were the tomatoes, peas and potatoes. I just think everything else needed another week or two of warm sunshine.

He surely is a ship off the ole block (he reminds me so much of Matt in this picture), and Jordan is always up for an adventure.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

This seems to be working great for me! No more loosing the recipes that I find online. This week, I seem to be taking the easy way out...I have to catch up in other places!

Monday-Chicken Fajitas
Thursday-Left-over night
Friday-Out to eat with GiWi!
Saturday-Baked Chicken
Sunday-Date night

Made by Lena