Monday, October 6, 2008


I am always on the lookout for a cheap and easy project and I think I have found the next, best thing. I ran across these "spooktacular" little ghosts and Samuel and I will be making them next week. I will be on the lookout for LED tea lights, as I have heard that they are a must have (especially with small children)!

What you need...balloons, cheesecloth, Elmer's glue, black felt

Here is how you do it...
  • Blow up a few balloons in various sizes.
  • Mix equal parts water and glue (I'm not sure of the exact amount).
  • Soak the cheesecloth (cut up to the sizes you want) in the mixture, then lay them over the balloons.
  • Leave about a day until they are very hard. Then you can pop the balloons and peel them off.
  • Use the black felt to cut out different faces. In the end, each ghost will end up only costing you pennies, especially since you probably have some Elmers laying around!

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