Sunday, October 19, 2008

Meet Ike

Matt did the number one, most uncharacteristic thing EVER! He showed up the other night with a little kitten he had found on the side of the road. MY husband never wanted us to have a cat. He was headed home with Sammy and saw this little black kitten on the side of the road. When he stopped, he came right up to him - it was meant to be! Our kids are in LOVE with this cat! Sammy carries him around everywhere and he just hangs there like a rag doll, purring away. Jordan too, loves the little kitty. I have no idea where Sammy got the name Ike came from, but it seems fitting.


malerie said...

That's so sweet!

Becky G said...

I'm sorry to inform you but I do believe Sam told me this weekend that the kitty is named Little Boy.... or something like that. :) hee hee they are so cute together!


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