Friday, October 17, 2008

The Toilet

I have all of a sudden developed a new relationship with toilets. This week, most of my problems are revolving around our toilet, yes, our toilet! All of a sudden, Jordan has been obsessed with getting into it while I shower. She found that she can splash and play with our bathtub toys in there. Obviously, this is just not going to work, so I have been taping the toilet lid down while I shower....Enter Sam, ready to use the toilet (for what they are supposed to be used for)....he is yelling that he can't open it and Jordan is trying desperately to get in as well - what is a mom to do? I have gone from the person who was disgusted by toilets, to a person who spends WAY to much time thinking about them! I can't believe my personal growth in this area, really. I would go all day to avoid a public restroom at any cost. Here I am, now watching (and jumping out of my skin) while my son flushes a public toilet with his hand...ugh, and taping our lid shut so my daughter doesn't bathe in ours. What will it be next?


Becky G said...

Seriously Carley this made me giggle A LOT!!! So much so that others in the portable asked, What's so funny??

malerie said...

Oh no! That's too funny though! There are toilet locks, I wonder if Sam would be able to open them more easily than tape?


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